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Get ready to take on the toughest chewers with our ultimate chew toy set! Our collection of durable toys is specifically designed for aggressive teeth and includes a training suction cup, tug of war toy, ball chew, rope puzzle, and toothbrush. Not only do these toys provide endless entertainment for your pup, but they also help to strengthen their jaws and promote healthy teeth and gums. So if you’re tired of flimsy chew toys that can’t withstand your pup’s power, upgrade to our chew toys for aggressive teeth and watch your furry friend conquer any challenge!
Product Description
[Multifunctional Dog Tug Toy] When the dog pulls the toy ball in the process of playing with this product, the anti-tiger bite pull rope can be transferred to form a dog pull tug toy through the fixed suckerm, which can actively mobilize the dog’s interest in playing.
[4 In 1 Molar Ball] Upgraded bouncing squeaky ball with bite rope, food dispensing ball, designed with large sphere, thick sphere wall, which can more resist to dog’s biting, there are multiple molar bumps that can fully protect dog’s dental health. and you can put snacks in the toy as a food dispenser to attracct the dog to play with the toy.
[Squeaky Toy] The molar ball is designed with sounding device, when the dog bites this toy, it can make a squeak to attract the dog’s attention and increase the dog’s interest in playing.
[Designed with Super Powerful Suction Cup] The powerful sucker is stable and not easy to be pulled apart. so that it can not only increase the interaction between the dog and the toy, but also can enhance the dog’s interest in playing. each set of products comes with a flat floor sticker. at the beginning, you can attach the sticker to any surface such as wooden floor or rough ground, and then attach the suction cup to the sticker to allow the suction cup to be used in a variety of envirinments.
[Bite-Resistant New Material] This toy is made of TRP material, so that it can resist the long-term bite of pet dogs, the toy is suitable for pet dogs of 5-100 Pounds, and can be used indoors and outdoors.

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